Sunday, December 26, 2010


To that man, seems you are soo angry with me and now i'm here to tell you that i'm so grateful to words that you gave me. You can do whatever that makes you happy, open my shame to others. But did you realise that your shame opened by urself when you open others? I'm so thankful bcoz god makes me know how the world is. I'm so grateful to know that in this world still has someone like you. And I want you to know that just care of yourself not others. I'm not here to agrue with you or mess with you. Like your sweetheart say The past is past. Well, I don't open your shame to others by the way and I know your secret when you are in relation with me at the past. So, we are equal. At least, I'm not in relation too early like you. Pls take care of your girlfriend. Did you know how her feeling when you so angry with me? In every girl I know how its feel. I'm sorry bcoz you revile words not affect me and I'm happy bcoz God know me so well. Somehow we have to ate the bitter, and I've ate that. So long, just pls go away~

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