Saturday, April 9, 2011


:'( :'( :'( PLEASSSEEEEE UUU! Don't go'em. I still wanna you here. Yesterday, he said that he might move to KL about end of this year equal as after our biggest fear, SPM :'( I'm here not to talk about SPM but what i feels now after i knew that he'll moves soon. After i knew it from his lips through the phone, i started to cry immediately. I tried to wipe my tears out and cover my sound so he won't know that i cried. I dislike to have a long distance far away relationship. Hey, it takes 4 hours for him to come back to me from KL while that time i'm dying already :( Si Renjong/Bobo (u don't have ur specific name err :P), if i could go to you and hold you tightly so you won't leave me i'll do but.... I'm don't have the right to stop you. What i can do is just crying pretends that i'm happy even i looks like stupid to do so. BLA3. Btw, I love you boy :')

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