Saturday, February 12, 2011

RnD Room?!

Hee. Guess where am I? I'm in RnD room at the school! WooHoO! doing work paper for my Koop. Ugh! a part of setiausaha ALK work rite. Btw, suppose I could get back to my homiee at 23th but for form 5 & form 3 students, we can't go back at that time. Then how I can go out with my friends? with the examination week. :'( and I planned with my besties to get our license car after SPM examination. Then, Hooray! Horraay! :P

Bobo! I got a new nickname for you. How about 'a-semmboi'? Haha! Well you know why I called you like that rite. My sunshine and star, pleasee don't makes your 'Aaaaa' sound. Fell like wanna hit your face then say 'I love you morron' :) and he always said that 'you nie kejam lah!'. Haha! it's true okay :P

My a-semmboi, I love you :)
Love, Naddy

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