Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm baaaccckkkkkk! :)

Weeee! First of all, I'm sorry my dearest blog bcoz I didn't update you for a long time huh? Well, I'm here. What I could share in here huh? Okay'em nowdays every student in my school like struggling to face their exam and about for 3 weeks I have to sit on an examination for the first in this year. Well, like every school do that. So, it was just about studying, struggling, wasting a lot of nescafe, wasting my night sleep and making eyeback. If i did all this things, I hope the result is what I expected *Amin. and now about my love story :P I was like speechless but I can't stop talking in front of him. HUH? weird? I was being really crazy apon him. Hahaha, he even looks like a monkey. Like me but he moree into monkey punyaa suruhan and I lovee youuu! Seriously, I want to tell you this. But I can't speak when I confront with you about this. You'em, the first time I met you, I told my heart to stay with you and be bold to get through all those things that could destroy us but they can't eh Bobo? And I lovee the way you said that don't easy to let you go, Auww I won't say it again :) I won't make the same mistake that I did in the past bcoz you just too perfect for that. Even I don't know why I can't angry with you, it's bcoz I love you? or I'm afraid towards you? Ugh, it impossible. I don't afraid towards you even a bit okayy. Sokaayy, don't mind. The countdown time to say that you love me is the sweetest thing ever happened to me <3 There are moree about you but the best thing is you just not like other guys I ever met. Seriously, you are ssooo different. It makes me love you even moreee. Xoxo, Te amoire Si Monkey version-2

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