Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fever :(

I got a fever, Uwaaaaa :'( but bcoz of that fever, I came homeeee! Homieee I'm here XD It's awful when I was like sneezing around bcoz of this nose contained a lot of mucus *eiwwww and the cough that making me like lost a lot of energy with it. Hey hey by the way, Kaddy J, Arina, Nanaku, Mairaie and Rizuwan can we go out as usual when chinese new year holiday? Pleaseeeee :)

Not to forget my sweet bombom, you are in my list too :) And the first name in my heart. I missing you like hell when I'm in hostel. I have to line up at the public phone center, and I was like wanna shout 'Everybody buzz off! I wanna call my bobo. You and you, go to your dorm. Call your hubby/mommy/father next time!' XD

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